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The 13th Doctor is the last body of the Time Lord called "the Doctor". He is much like the Master that was in the episode "The Deadly Assassin". Callous and cruel, this doctor was like the opposite of all of his previous lives.


In the early years of his life this Doctor was monstrous in appearance. He had scarred skin, small beady eyes and sharp teeth. Apart from this he was completely human in terms of looks. He was tall, thin and bald.

Toward the end of his life he began to heal.


In the early part of his life he wore a black leather coat with a red and blue sweater, black shirt and a brown fedora hat. His companion, Janet Baker, compared him to Freddy Kreuger.

When he was in his deformed state he wore a red and blue cardigan.


At the beginning of his life he was nasty. When describing him to Rose and the Brigadier, Janet said he was "vile and cruel". He often came across as psychotic and hate full