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"He is probably the most feared thing in the universe! The ultimate nightmare! His power could rival with the gods! And if he is here, I am not going to be!" - the Doctor to Amy

A' Lokai is a manifestation of evil, he feeds on the terror he causes and the resulting chaos.



A' Lokai
A' Lokai started out as mere atoms in the air. But during the Time War, the level of fear rose higher than ever. The high level of fear in the more powerful species generated Cosmic energy which then formed together in the Hades Cluster. Dust formed around the energy source, all sorts of particles were sucked in. After the manifestation was complete, A' Lokai started appearing in peopes nightmares and, due to the raging Time War, became part of the first legends of the Universe.

Post-Time War

After the Time War, the fear level fell. A 'Lokai became weaker by the minute. A group of sorcerors in 1953, used there magic to imprison him in a wooden sphere laced with metal on the inside. The sphere was dropped a year later during a meteor shower and fell into the sewers of New York. It floated at sea for several years until it became frozen in an iceberg in 1967. In 1982, an alien space craft crashed into the iceberg. The ice melted and the sphere fell back into the sea. Not long after, a Whale accidentally ate it. The whale was caught and taken to Sea World, Florida two days later. The Whale vomitted the sphere up and it was then put in a history museum due to its curious structure and the strange symbols carved in the wood. During hurricane Katrina, the sphere was blown into a tablet. The sphere reacted and cracked open. A' Lokai returned to his nightmare infesting for several hundred more years.

Clash with the Doctor