The Graske awaits his fate.

A Cry For Help is the first episode of the first series of the Darth/Gear Series. It features the return of a fan-favourite enemy, The Graske. By the beginning of this story, a new companion for The Doctor introduced, Ryan Hyde.


Ryan Hyde is an ordinary school boy, who has a little bit of an obsession with computers. One afternoon at school, whilst using a computer, the screen fades to black and the only image left on the screen is of a spinning blue telephone box. The Doctor, Amy and Rory however are trapped on the planet Melissa Majora and are being hunted down by the deadly Graske. The Tardis is in trouble when The Graske find its hiding place. But, is the image a cry for help or something far more sinister?


At the beginning, Ryan drops his pencil at the end of an ICT lesson. The teacher didn't notice him, and his class walked out. As he stands up, a whirring noise could be heard on the computer. Ryan ignores and starts to log off. Suddenly, the screen fades black.

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