"I think you have me confused with somebody else"- Adrian durring interagation by Jack

Adrian Snow is the Altered version of Ianto Jones and a dangerous mercanary in the employ of the Three Families.


Adrian was born when Ianto was exposed to the 456 toxin in Tames House and apprently died. Ianto was actualy one of the few people who posessed the rare genetic code that led to him becomeing an Altered; an enhanced humanoid known for their stregth, speed and regenrative powers. After the transformation prosess he awoke with no memory of his former identity and took the name Adrian Snow off a nearby headstone in mortitians palour.

Gun for Hire

Through unkown means Adrian eventualy became a mercanary useing his Altered abbilities to his advantage in the field and soon made a name for himself for his skill and cunning. He came to the attention of the families when a viral video of him being shot in a riot durring the miracle showed him regenerating. The agenets of the families tracked him down to Shang Hai where he managed to "kill" six of them before being apprehended.


Adrian is the complete oposite of Ianto in terms of personality reflecting what Jack beleieved to be the hidden or denied parts of Ianto's personality. He is violent and has extreame mood swings; switiching from polite and well spoken to enraged and murderous at the drop of a hat. Adrian revels in violence and likes to play with his opponents durring a fight. He also has a flare for the dramatic and is a showman at heart; playing elaborate games to threaten and confuse his enemies.

Due to his abbilities he is extremly overcondident wich leads him getting into trouble though he can quite easily get out of it. While he shows loyalty to a client he is not above acts of trechary when it comes to a better price for his services or if he feels the client has crossed him.

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