The Alternative Tenth doctor is an alternative incarnation of the time lord known as the doctor. He is played by Matthew Bellamy. His first companion was an Australian university student named Jessica Soft.


When the ninth doctor and Jessica Soft go into the castle of Dracula the doctor battles the vampire Dracula. Dracula beats up the doctor. He beats him with a whip and kicks him and he falls onto a tank. Then Dracula temporarily paralyzes the doctor. He bites him on his neck. He drinks some of his blood and then he becomes stronger. He has drunken time lord blood so he is half vampire half time lord. The doctor is wounded badly and might die. But Jessica shoves Dracula down the stairs and then unparlyzes the doctor with a magical potion. The doctor is dying. Hes lost a lot of blood and he drops to the ground. He gets up but keeps falling. He feels ill. He doesn't think he has regeneration energy. But then he feels a lot of regeneration energy in him. Jessica helps him up and he starts regenerating. Dracula climbs the stairs and tries to stop the doctor. The doctor energy blasts Dracula with regeneration energy while regenerating and he falls down the stairs again. The doctor keeps regenerating. Then there is a flash of light and he has regenerated. He has become the alternative tenth doctor.


This doctor looked much like David Tennant but his face didn't really look like him. This doctors hair was black and spiky everywhere.

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