"Do you want me to deal with them my love?" Annaria asking Fallon if she can finish off their enemies.

Annaria is a Dark One Human Hybrid and mate of Fallon the Dark One leader.

Early History

Like all Hybrids Annaria came into being when a Dark One fed on a human soul and the two energies fused to create a new being. Annaria is one of the older Hybrids; having existed for an unkown, but long time. She made her home in the darkness near the repository and became known as the guardian of the Repository.

The Crisis

Durring the time of the Miricle Annaria encountered a younger hybrid who followed her back to her lair. Initially hostile; thinking the intruder wanted her food she attacked him. The younger Hybrid refused to leave and sat outside her lair for the human equivlent of one week before she finaly allowed him.



Annaria's age has granted her lot of wisdom and cunning wich makes her a dangerous opponent in battle. She is fond of useing mind games; pointing out people's failings and short comings to shake their confidence. Annaria is fiercly protective of Fallon and killed several of the Family when Jack severly injured him.

Physical Apearance

Annaria is a tall woman with dark brown hair and pale gree eyes. Her mask resembles a bird and her Darkone form has an avian quality to it. She can sprout a pair of bat like wing for flight when needed.


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