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Aquarius Zeta V (aka Zeta) is a former Intellegence Soldier from the Gandrain Academy who retired to Earth after the death of her partner. She joined the Rippers after becoming bored with a quiet life.



Like all Gandrians, Zeta has heightened agility and skin that is impervious to blades or bullets. She also can keep warm in subzero temperatures and her eyes can 'zoom' in and out like a camera. While unable to access a Shield Manacle after retiring, she was able to be allowed a Kio blaster which she uses very well.


Zeta has long blonde hair and is very tall. Like all Gandrians, she has fanged canine teeth, pointed ears and golden yellow eyes.


Zeta still mourns over the death of her partner, but seems to have warmed up a bit more since then and has been very positive at times. Her curiousity which has become part of her race's genetic memory has made her near obsessed with the Omen's secrets and slaves away with Bor gathering as much information and useful guidance from Dr. Protheon's tapes in their search for answers.


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