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The Army of the Thirteen Waters is a small, clandestine group of warriors whose members span from the furthest reaches of the galaxy and across different timelines which has been around for centuries, possibly even milleniums. They make it their mission to protect the Universe from the entity that was prophesised by their first leader to one day reach their reality and raise the dead to envelope the universe in darkness.



The exact time the first Army was formed is unclear. It is possible that they have been around for almost thousands of years. Legends within the Army say that the Army began when the first leader was given the prophecy concerning the Entity's entrance into their reality by a force known only as 'the Spear'.

The Arrival of the Entity

Current Members



"We will protect, every child that cries.

We will remember, every soldier who dies.

We will hide, from the darkest of eyes.

We will honour, the words of the wise.

We will fight, when the dead shall rise."


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