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Arthur Milton is the current captain of the mysterious Omen and leader of the intergalactic group of scavangers known as the Rippers.



Arthur has no genetic modifications or special abilities. Instead, he has peak level human stamina and has admirable skill weilding his two handheld blasters. In fact, the team have yet to ever see Arthur miss something he was aiming at.


Arthur is a tall, well built young man with shortish black hair and some facial hair. Mostly, he dresses in very ragged or grungy clothing.


Arthur remains a very reserved and stoic individual. He smiles occasionally but never seems to get overly emotional. He hides a deep inner turmoil that he cannot possibly lead his friends through this endavour of being on board the Omen and represses his doubt and fear so he does not falter in his leadership. Only rarely has he ever shown to let his anger out and that is only when his teammates' lives are threatened. With that, he flies into an unstoppable fury, wiping out enemies in swift precision.


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