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Death is merely the transition. Not the end.
— Ascension

Ascension is possibly the most abstract of the Eternal Pantheon. He is not a fixed concept like Time or Force but more of a perspective, commanding the minds of the deceased who have shed their corporeal bodies upon death and must be taken to a new form of existence or life, mostly in another universe. He is also the most active of the Pantheon, using his power constantly for the infinite number of 'souls' who must be guided to their new homes.


Ascension's Sigil


Unlike his twin brother, Oblivion, who despairs that everything that thinks is doomed to darkness, Ascension sees that eternity shall always remain and that the multiverse will never end and that they should enjoy it like it isn't. He is highly optmistic and quite playful, engaging in the lives of 'mortals' even before death. He enjoys the company of sapient beings and desperately wishes his brother would do the same, to possibly feel as he feels. Ascension admits that he has no true concept of rage or pain, as he feels no need to feel it as nothing terrible has ever happened to him yet. He even finds the rather malevolent Malice 'funny' as all Malice can do is kill, and he knows that even if his siblings die, they will be guided by him to wherever they need to go.


Ascension is one of the two of the Pantheon who does not have a humanoid or demonic form. Instead, Ascension is seen as this ethereal white fox with black eyes, surrounded by an aura of grey mist. He floats serenely in the air and never makes a sound when he lands or glides.



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