Attack of the Cheetahs is an audio by Cat Flap Productions. It is a remake of the movie.


Immediatly after the events of Survival, the Seventh Doctor and Ace drink their cold tea. They decide to go to the cinema, but they first go to the planet Popcarna to get some popcorn. Ordering tofee popcorn, the receptionist gives them Venusian Slime Flavour Popcorn by mistake. They then visit Charlie Chaplin and the Doctor asks him what his latest movie is. When they leave, Ace accidently passes the Cheetah Virus onto him and they quickly escape. They arrive at a 1926 cinema and gives the ticketman a one pound note, and he is shocked. After they enter the cinema, Charlie Chaplin runs through and attacks the ticket man. Charlie Chaplin then enters the cinema and attacks a woman. Shocked, the Doctor trys to defeat him with his hat. However, it doesn't work, and he is transported to the Cheetah Planet. Ace escapes there with her Time Ring. On the Cheetah Planet, the Doctor wakes up and is attacked by a Cheetah Person, but escapes into the forest. There, he meets Ace and they teleport back to 1926. However, a Cheetah Person on a horse appears but they escape it by running across the tram line, and the cheetah gets hit by the tram. They go back to the cinema but get confronted by Charlie Chaplin. The Doctor gets him transformed back to his previous form by making him remember his own past. The victims go to hospital and the Doctor trys to convince a person that it was just a dream and the Doctor and Ace leave.

List of Characters

Seventh Doctor - Peter Webb

Ace - Peter Webb

Receptionist - Peter Webb

Charlie Chaplin - Peter Webb

Ticket Man - Peter Webb

Cinema Customer - Peter Webb

Cheetah Person - Peter Webb

Horse - Peter Webb

Jimmy - Peter Webb

Mother - Peter Webb

Cheetah Victim - Peter Webb

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