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Azathoth is the horrific cosmic entity and 'creator deity' who remains asleep and unmoving within the Centre of Ultimate Chaos because his power is so great that by even slightly moving, could obliterate countless realities. He is kept lulled asleep by the constant noise and 'songs' made by his keepers, desperate to keep him asleep and fearful of his awakening.



The scale of Azathoth's power is so great that moving even the slightest would cause inconceivable destruction and madness to so many universes. If he were to awake, the outcome would be too horrendous for any lifeform to bear. In fact, his power is so great that it destroyed his mind, gaining the moniker of 'Blind Idiot God'. Azathoth is chaos in its purest cosmic form, and feared throughout the multiverse.


Azathoth's true form is apparently so monstrous and chaotic, that even the Great Old Ones would die or go insane upon witnessing it. It appears in people's nightmares as its 'spectral form', a grey/white vortex of fluid and mist-like substance that forms a ghostly face in the centre.


Azathoth's mind was destroyed due to its power, so it holds no real personality. It holds no intellect, no reasoning power, control, malice or empathy. It is a sentient fool that could obliterate reality and not even register or realise.


  • Azathoth was originally conceived by American author H.P. Lovecraft, as the greatest Elder God who was kept asleep because of his destructive form. This incarnation of Azathoth has Lovecraft's deity made real and that Lovecraft knew of Azathoth because he saw it in one of his dreams, learning of its nature through insane worshippers of the creature.
  • Azathoth's spectral form was inspired by Giygas' second form from the video game, EarthBound.

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