Barda was a time lord from the planet Gallifrey. He fought in the first time war. He became very wealthy after the time war and was given a lot of land by the time lords. Barda was the father of The Master.

Early life

Barda was loomed into the house of Oakdown. A time lord named Morph who was also from the house of Oakdown, raised Barda as his own son. Barda and Morph got along well. They planted a TARDIS (since TARDIS's are grown like trees) and would water it every day. When the TARDIS was grown, Morph and Barda went on adventures. They traveled to famous eras such as Genghis Khan's war against the Chinese, The Revolutionary war, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and the stone age. Morph taught Barda math, physics, science, politics, and history when Barda was still at a very young age. At age eight Barda was sent away to learn at the time lord academy. He missed his father very much. But every summer Barda and Morph would travel to places in the TARDIS. Barda's cousin Terjoulasweras, also from the house of Oakdown also attended Time lord academy. Terjoulasweras and Barda didn't get along. Terjoulasweras always bullied Barda. He even beat up Barda. Barda was made fun of by other young time lords because they thought he was nerdy for knowing so much about history and science. Barda didn't have many friends but if he did have any friends it was a young time lord named Charthartolar and a young time lady named Xavirasah. Charthartolar was from the house of Oakdown and Xavirasah was from the house of Lungbarrow. Barda, Charthartolar, and Xavirasah grew up together. They were always close friends. When Barda was seventeen, something tragic happened. Charthartolar died for unknown reasons. Barda thought that Charthartolar would be dead forever but then he remembered all time lords and time ladies regenerated. So Charthartolar regenerated into his second incarnation. People on Gallifrey started dying. Many time lords died for mysterious reasons. But then it was revealed what had happened, a dalek invasion had started. Time lords had been dying because they had been killed by daleks. Barda met Kalphortur Xavirasah's older brother. Barda and Kalphortur became very close friends. During the dalek invasion time lords defended Gallifrey. They fought against the daleks. Barda, Kalphortur, Charthartolar, and Terjoulasweras all fought alongside each other to stop the dalek invasion. They battled daleks for weeks and days but eventually the daleks were defeated by the time lords.

During the first time war and later life

All time lords, including Barda and his friends thought they had defeated the daleks. They thouught they had eradicated the daleks, but thirteen years later the daleks returned wanting revenge. more to be added

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