Also known as: Cowboy, Benjy

Race: Human

Home Planet: Earth

Home Era: parallel 21 Century


"Let's Ride, Doc"- Ben to the Doctor

Ben Jenkins was the alias of a former soldier and one of the first companions to the Eleventh Doctor.


Not much is known about Ben's life before he first encountered the Doctor. At some point, a war began on his version of Earth. His Father, Mother, and two Sisters were killed in the early bombings. Later on in the War, both Ben and his Brother were drafted into the army. About a year before the beginning of the series, Ben's brother was killed in combat.

At the start of the series, Ben is killed in combat alongside his fellow soldiers while charging an enemy position. As he lay dying in a crater, Ben pulled a drawing he had done at the beginning of the War.

Rather then die, Ben suddenly awoke in the Doctor's TARDIS, right in the middle of the Doctor's regeneration. Alongside the Doctor, Ben would ride the crashing ship all the way to Amelia Pond's backyard. Much to Ben's wonder/horrer, he discovered that he had become the man in the drawing he had made. Beliving that his original name was now that of a dead man, he adopted the name Ben Jenkins.

After the defeat of Prisoner Zero, Amy Pond, now a full adult, began to travel with the Doctor and Ben. While onboard the Starship UK, Ben expressed concern that the Doctor had not heard of the War he had been killed in. He later settled on the belif that he was from a parralel universe. He enjoyed many adventures with the Doctor, Amy, and Rory, traveling throughout time and the universe.

During the events surrownding the second Big Bang, Ben became seperated from the Doctor and Rory. He would spend 2,000 years wandering the world, experiancing history for himself. His skills as a warrior became the stuff of legend, with even the vikings fearing him.


Ben was at times the most level headed of the TARDIS crew, often coming up with an answer to a problem well before the Doctor. However, he let the Doctor come up with his own plan and follow it rather then his own, knowing that the Doctor had a big ego.

Ben could often be found reclining in the TARDIS control room, playing gutar (much to the Doctor's annoyance) or helping the Doctor with mantinance.

His time as a soldier came to use during the Battle of Demons Run, and later in an unmamed war with the Santarins. Ben managed to impress the warrior race enough to where they held a great amount of respect for humanity, even vowing to fight humanity in glorius battle when they were on even terms in the future. Even the Headless Monks shied away from him after Deamons Run.

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