"Without me, the universe would be truly empty."

Also known as:
  • Mother Nature
  • Gaia
  • Life
  • The Great Mother
  • She Who Gave Us Breath
  • The Goddess
  • Seed of Creation
Race: N/A
Home Planet: N/A
Home Era: N/A

DW CS4: But A Thought/Paradise Stolen

Actor: Miranda Richardson (voice)

Biology is the empathic and maternal personified concept of all life and biodiversity in the universe. From plants to beasts, she breaths life into all of them. She feels every birth and every death. Her design of life, death and rebirth is and always will be obeyed. To defy her will invoke her infinite fury.


Biology's Sigil


Because she essentially 'gave birth' to all lifeforms in existence, she is a very motherly figure - doting, protective and stern. She cares deeply for every life that comes to being like children but will punish those who would intend to do great harm to the lives of many should they ever attempt to. Her patience and her love is eternal and plentiful, and is probably the most empathic of all the Pantheon, but her fury is to be greatly feared, even by the likes of Malice.


When Biology normally reveals herself, she appears as a female humanoid figure with green skin and in a green gown which connects to her flowing green hair, and in the distance appears like an emerald-coloured comet.



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