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Blind Fury, a poster stuck onto the TARDIS, is a warning the Doctor did not heed- and will soon regret doing so. Nobody knows what Blind Fury is, or what Blind Fury is supposed to do, but the message is clear: The Sons of Gallifrey will sleep no more!


Millions of light-years away,

There was a planet named Gallifrey,

Under the beautiful orange sky,

Past the mountains miles high,

There was to be found a shining dome,

The place Time Lords called home.

But even something so beautiful and free,

Couldn't last forever, you see,

Because for soon there was to be a war,

A terrible war, like none seen before.

Throughout all time and space,

This war took place,

As they battled the Dalek race,

Now it's all gone, that dome, that sky,

For to end it, everyone had to die.

Or so the Doctor thinks, but he shall be proved wrong,

For they are Time Lords and they are strong.

They will rise again, with a little help from me,

And then Gallifrey shall come back- it must be.

The Doctor doesn't know yet, but as at the moment he's away,

You shall sleep no more, Sons of Gallifrey.