The third series in the bluesilver line of Fanon. This series takes place after Planet of the Dead, and takes place in an alternate timeline which assumes the last 3 specials didn't occur, which means i can do a regeneration. It will be followed by Bluesilver Series 4, which will likely be placed after the Series 5 finale.

The Doctors world is falling apart around him, terrifying enemies from his past rise again, and he is confronted by chilling visions of the future. Hunted by the man in black, the Doctor finds out that sometimes a Time Lord can live too long...

Christmas Special: The Faith Scar

Episode 1 (part 1): Ego
Episode 2 (part 2): At World's End
Episode 3: Exception
Episode 4: Pulse of Life
Episode 5: The Veil of Angels
Episode 6 (part 1):The Fifth Ark
Episode 7 (part 2):United In Hate
Episode 8:
Episode 9: The Singing Towers
Episode 10: Spirits of Mumbai
Episode 11:
Episode 12 (part 1): Watch It Burn
Episode 13 (part 2): Fields of Despair
Episode 14 (part 3): The Long Road