Number Title Synopsis
1 & 2 Dreams
Isolated, frightened and alone, Jacob is trapped in a place even The TARDIS can reach him as a dangerous power forces its way into reality.
3 Morons In a cutting-edge laboratory, Amy and Rory accidentally become test subjects for new teleportation technologies. Meanwhile, The Doctor confronts a homicidal carrot.
4 The Deep End At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, a small group of alien settlers are building a city. But something is chasing them...
5 One Moment While visiting an "ancient" castle in the far future, the TARDIS becomes the heart of a machine that threatens to compress all of time into a single moment.
6 & 7 Supernature
Natural Selection
5 Months Ago, A meteor crashed into the Kochani Forest, roughly coinciding with the mutation of the inhabitants of the asteroid. But who is changing the people? and for what purpose?

Keeping The Peace

Five alien races prepare for war, with Earth as the battleground. The TARDIS team struggle to stop the conflict from turning American War of Independance into a massacre on both sides.
9 Most Haunted The house on Brockway Close has always been known to be haunted. The Doctor arrives on the scene as all hell breaks loose on national television, but could everyone have simply fallen foul to a hoax?
10 The Late Amelia Pond The Doctor and Rory are stranded in the Renaissance without the TARDIS as it uncontrollably pulls Amy through Earths history and its future.
11 Vikings of Egypt King Ragnar Lodbrok of Egypt faces a bloody fight as German soldiers pour into Alexandria. Savages are appearing out of thin air in destructive metal boxes, and a blue, wooden box has appeared in the Palace Courtyard...
12 & 13 Still Alive
Born Anew
An old foe of The Doctor has constructed a trap the TARDIS could never resist. Faced with a war from all directions, the Doctor leads a fight that will determine the universes future and its past.