Cross-Series Arcs

Rikaria's Development

The jungle planet Rikaria was first visited by The Doctor and Christina in 421200, where it was on the brink of war between the native Shada Tribe and the Kerwon Trading Company. The war was an invasion by the company and would have resulted in either the enslavement of the Shada tribe or the Trading Comapany's downfall. While The Doctor implied he knew the outcome, and noted it as fixed point in time, he didn't tell Christina. After The Doctor seized the Earth Crystal and hid it in the TARDIS, the Shada Tribe appeared to have the upper hand. (DW: They Ride On The Wind)

Another part of the planet was visited 327 years later by The Doctor and Christina, as well as Trevayne. By this time, fighting had ceased, and the KTC had colonized areas of the planet. Despite the compromise, there was still obvious tensions between the natives and the colonists. The peace was disturbed by plans to turn a monument to the previous war - a statue crafted in the image of The Doctor - into a tourist attraction. This relatively small conflict erupted into a war when the planet itself begun to fight back, which led to the Colonists accusing the natives of a conspiracy against them using Homo-Reptilian technology. While the threat of the planet was quelled by Trevayne, the fighting continued after the TARDIS left, leaving the outcome of the war, again, unclear. (DW: Pulse of Life)

Bluesilver Series 2

The Cult of Helheim

Bluesilver Series 3

The New Time Rift