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Bor Tu is the weapons technician for the Rippers and head pilot of the Omen. A Quarlonian from their refugee colony world Viltrax, one of many after the sudden destruction of their home world.



Like humans, Quarlonians do not possess supernatural, extrasensory or psionic powers. However, they do have heightened senses which Bor has as well. Bor also has incredible intellegence, reaching an IQ of 340. His fighting skills include several martial arts (some from different galactic quadrants) and excellent marksmanship. His main weakness, however, is his stature and phsyical strength - being possibly the physically weakest of the group. Despite this, Bor uses his brain over brawn mostly.


Bor, like all Quarlonians, is green with light orange/yellow eyes. His hair is black and has very lean, thin build. He is also shorter than most of his kind, who can reach heights of up to 7ft.


Bor is a reckless, snarky and impulsive young creature. Displays an air of arrogance at times due to his intellegence and seems to leap before he thinks. Despite his rather bratty attitude, he is a very loyal companion and displays great anger when his teammates are threatened or harmed. His desire for success or advancement makes him push on and be a valuable member of the team. He also seems to be oblivious to the possibility of remaining in the Omen for a very long time - never reaching home.


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