As a child he witnessed the Silurian invasion pod crash into the Hudson and freeze. (Universe 3 facts)

As a teenager he enlisted in U.N.I.T. (Universe 3 facts)

Meeting the Doctor

He became Brigadier of U.N.I.T. When the Doctor arrived in U.N.I.T wantingb help he didnt know who he was. Never the less he helped when the Doctor saved him from the Master who he was chasing. U.N.I.T confronted him at his chemical factory base he used a radiation gun and confronted the Master alone on a cat walk. When Benton arrived he got a suprise allowing the Master to flee down the stairs he came up. The 2 followed him but Xeo attacked them and killed Benton but Lathbridge then shot her dead. A few seconds later he was shot and killed by the Master.


The Doctor

He found the Doctor strange at first but when he was saved by the Doctor he began to respect him.

The Master

He hated the Master and made it his goal to kill him but ended up being killed by him.

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