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Centaur House is the seventh episode of Bluesilver Series 2. It sees the return of former companion Martha Jones.


Martha Jones has invited The Doctor to her wedding, a wedding taking place in the historic Centaur House. While a couple who were presumably not invited to the wedding cause madness, Jenny must solve the mystery of a spate of murders in the house, and reaches a terrifying conclusion.

Story Notes

  • Jack Harkness was unable to atend the wedding as he was dealing with a nearby space freighter
  • Gwen, Rhys and their child appear at the wedding and Gwen plays a large part in the story once she finds out Nostrovites are involved
  • A pair of Nostrovites appear in the episode, attempting to find a host and enjoying some hunting at the same time.

Writers Notes

"this episode is similar to The Unicorn and The Wasp and Something Borrowed in terms of story; with the mystery and comedy of TUATW coming out in Jennifers story and part of The Doctors. The tone of Something Borrowed is visible throughout most of the episode, particularly later in the episode. Of course, as this is not Torchwood, the resolution, and indeed the way the story plays out, is very different and will definately not involve gunning the Nostrovites down. Lets just say The Doctor will at long last regret not carrying a gun.