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The logo for Chronicles of Theta

Chronicles of Theta is a spin off series of the long running British science fiction television series, Doctor Who. It takes place on Gallifrey. It is the story of The Doctor and The Master on Gallifrey as teenagers. But they weren't called that then, The Doctor was named Theta Sigma and the Master was known by the name, Koschei. Magnus (later known as The War Chief) and Mortimus (later known as the monk) are some of the main characters of the series.

Series one (2011)

The pilot episode aired on March 28th 2011 and was called "Darkness in Light".

Cast of the series

Alex Pettyfer as Theta Sigma

William Moseley as Koschei

Ian McKellen as Rassilon

Colin Baker as Ulysses (Ulysses is Theta Sigma's father)

Edward Norton as Borusa

Ben Barnes as Magnus

Rupert Grint as Mortimus