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The Circus are a group of mysterious and insane creatures that resemble circus performers, known as 'Sideshows'. They come from an unknown world and express a delight in causing mayhem and preventing advancement. They make themselves very unwelcome on Azulamatza, trying to foil attempts to resurrect Gallifrey. (DW: Ragnarok)


The Circus are formed by four members or 'acts':

  • The Harelquin (leader)
  • The Contortionist
  • The Strongman
  • The Medium

Each have their own special ability coupled with their mutual powers.

The Harlequin

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The Harlequin is the undisputed leader of the Circus. He is a shapeshifter but his true form takes the shape of a small, frightening clown-like creature. He has a smile on his face at all times and delights in murder and destruction. He also seems to be highly intellegent, knowing exactly how to disable machines that have only just been invented.

The Contortionist

The Contortionist is a Sideshow that stays silent and has the grotesque ability to manipulate its own form to assist itself with its mission. It makes no expression on its face as it joins its associates in torturing and killing.

The only way the Contortionist can be stopped from using its body in its own special way is by keeping it in a vacuum, as it needs air to let its body breathe. Disconnecting the Contortionist's oxygen won't suffocate it (as Sideshows do not breathe) but will heavily weaken it, giving it an inflexible form like most carbon-based lifeforms.

The Strongman

The Strongman is the Harlequin's right-hand henchman and the muscle of the group. He is nigh-indestructable and can only be slowed down by energy weapons, but even they do not hurt him too much. He is very slow and calm, following his victims casually until they run out of breath or try to hide.

The only way the Strongman could be beaten is if he is made to speak, for if he does, all conserved energy that keeps him going will fail and he will be weak enough to kill easily. Kale managed to make him speak by shooting him in the groin, theorising that 'it doesn't matter how big they are, they've all got a neck and a groin!' Kale then proceeded to blast him again to finish him off.

The Medium


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