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This article was written by Time Guardian. Please do not make any changes to this fiction without receiving the author's consent.

College for Clones
Genre: Sci-fi
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 13
Running Time: 45 minutes
Original Channel: That DWF Channel

College for Clones is a Sci-fi comedy-adventure series and a spin-off series to Doctor Who.


The series is set in modern day Glasgow in a seemingly ordinary collage which is in fact rulled by a defective Sontaran clone who is cloning dead celebrities(scientests, musicians, politicians, ect.) and their adventures in defending Earth from hostile aliens.


Main Cast

Abraham Lincoln(Martin McIntosh) - A clone of Abraham Lincoln he has all of the original's memories and personality. He's the leader of the clones who defend the Earth.

John Lennon(Thomas Law) -

Isaac Newton(Tommy Knight)

Ella Fitzgerald(Tinashe Kachingwe)

Head Teacher Stark(Christopher Ryan)

Recurring Cast

John F. Kennedy(Alexander Gould)

Overlord Khan(James Spader)

Albert Einstein()


Series 1

Number Title Summary
1 Send in the Clones(Part 1) A new college is open for bissnes and it's students are clones of the world's most famous people.
2 Send in the Clones(Part 2) Khan's plan to invade Earth is almost complete, only the newborn clones can stop him.
3 JFK 24/7 John F. Kennedy is cloned and he begins a reality show JFK 24/7.
4 The Concert Lennon and Fitzgerald enter the college concert but an alien shapeshifter who hates music wants to see it not happen.
5 The Powers that Be(Part 1) Khan returns and his wariors capture most of the college and take several students captive.
6 The Powers that Be(Part 2) With Khan in control JFK anf Abe must settle their diferences if they are to regain control of the collage and stop Khan's plans again.
7 Brainboxing Newton and Einstein have a very serious argument which goes to show who was the better scientest.
8 A Few Bad Eggs Lennon finds a strange looking egg and it hatches a whole lot of problems.
9 When Worlds Collide(Part 1)
10 When Worlds Collide(Part 2)
11 Lost Treasure
12 The Trouble with Clones(Part 1)
13 The Trouble with Clones(Part 2)

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