Story arcs

Common Series 1 takes place after series 5 and focuses on the entity behind the creation of the cracks in time. This entity now wants to destroy the multiverse. Throughout the series the Doctor finds Tarot Cards each meaning that something bad is going to happen.

Multiverse arc

  • Divided They Stand - The Forgotten Leader warns the Doctor that the whole multiverse is in danger.
  • Shine of the Skarkish - The Skarkish cause a localised event colapse which is amplified by Omega's anti-matter army the result is the walls of reality being destroyed.
  • The Gods of Metal - A Night Forger mocks the Doctor about his lack of knowledge about the danger the Multiverse is in.
  • The Dimension Tablet/The Day the Multiverse Cracked - The Doctor finds the Dimension Tablet and discovers that there's something wrong with the multiverse.

Tarot Card arc


Number Title By: Basic Summary
1 Divided They Stand Time Guardian The Forgoten/The TARDIS is high-jacked by pan-dimesional aliens known as the Forgoten.
2 The Man With Eleven Faces Darth Jacko09 The Doctor suffers from a bizzare deja vu, his mind spontaneously reverting back to his former selves. What is the cause, and will he ever be normal?
3 Head of Gold BlackGear An alien warmonger has found the location to the last surviving relic of the Time Lords - the Face of Rassilon. The Doctor must find the Face first and destroy it before an evil far beyond the warlord is unleashed.
4 & 5 Why We Fight/Shine of the Skarkish Bluesilver The Doctor becomes embroiled in a Governments plot to sacrifice most of it's population to the crystalline Skarkish.
6 The Gods of Metal The evil dude The Doctor meets the Estronii, an ancient species of barbarians and black merchants. He inadvertantly gives them the info and clearance they need to enact their fascist plans.
7 Tempus Effrego BlackGear The Doctor must try to stop an insane group of extradimensional creatures (Serakym) from freezing time - permanently
8 & 9 the Dimension Tablet/the Day the Multiverse Cracked Tennantfan Introduction of the Xyvak. The return of Karlel and the Pandorica.
10 The Borderland Time Guardian Re-introduction of the Master. The Doctor must decide whether or not the Master is as redeemed as he seems.
11 the Higher Beings Tennantfan second-last episode of series. Introduction of the Amul etti.
12 & 13 The Last Frontier/The Forgotten Dimension Time Guardian Omega/The Doctor finally dicovers the meaning of the words "Silence will fall" and all hell breaks loose.

Note: Titles can be changed.


1+2 Dalek underground/The Dalek's Demise (I-Doctor Who Tales special) Irockz707 The Daleks meet themselves with an enemy so powerful-Omega!
2 Time Games Jastennant4 The Guardians are in peril. One of them is getting his revenge, The Doctor must play the last game 4 Parts
3&4&5&6 The Killing/Horror-Time/The Evacuation/Massacre Jastennant4 Something begins a war on Earth that makes all the universe want to destroy it



  • Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
  • Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill

Aliens and Enemies

Guest Cast

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