Number Title By Enemy/Basic Summary
1 The Orange Mist BlackGear In a small village in England, Halloween is the most celebrated of holidays. But the children are acting strangely, something is controlling them and it wants this All Hallows' Eve, to be something to remember.
2 A Requiem DarthJacko09 With the Doctor incapacitated, Amy must find a way to surive in a wild planet amidst a political struggle.
3 Reign of Reptiles The evil dude The Doctor travels to the dinosaur times, but discovers an attempt to change Earth history, forever.
4 & 5 Shadow of Malevolence/The Call of the Evil Time Guardian The Master returns and has gathered an army of followers. Now it's only a mater of time before he begins taking over Earth's colonies, Earth itself and then the rest of the Universe.
6 The M-Project Irockz707 The Doctor finds himself faced with the remainders of his enemies-The other renegade time lords.
7 Ascendancy of the Daleks DarthJacko09 Return of the Daleks. On the planet of Geladan VI, the Daleks have invaded and shaped the planet in memory of Skaro. Can the Doctor and Amy stop them from using a powerful to mass-produce the children of Davros once again?
8 & 9 the Crimson Hand/Whom the Gods Destroy Tennantfan Re-write of the the comic, the Crimson Hand.
10 The Hand That Feeds You BlackGear Workers in the jungle planet, Undejo are being attacked, torn to pieces and devoured by an unknown creature. A creature so far beyond anyone's wildest fears...
11 Nosferatum DarthJacko09 Amy Pond has never met a vampire before, but that's all about to change when the TARDIS lands in medieval Romania and the sinister Nosferatans masquerade as vampires; in a gambit to conquer the earth. Can the Doctor and Amy rely on the traditional means to combat them.
12 & 13 Come and See/Abandon All Hope BlackGear Return of the Master and introduction to the Horsemen. A mysterious man suddenly appears in the TARDIS, warning him that Earth is in great danger. They learn that the Master, still alive is now a pawn in a plan created by a more bloodthirsty enemy than himself. The Horsmen have arrived and Hell will follow.


1 Christmas Doomsday Irockz707 The Eleventh Doctor finds himself battling hallucinations-mistaking his friends for dead ones. The last tarot card is found, and is the only way to restore the doctor...
2 The Men With No Face Jastennant4 The Doctor finds that there is now a king called Archibald the Great. But what is wrong with him and his army?
4 Destruction of Gallifrey Irockz707 We dive deep inside the history of the Time lord Rassilon and witness the truth behind the Eleventh Doctor's regeneration.



  • Amy Pond - Karen Gillan

Aliens and Enemies

Guest Cast


  • This series finally marks the return of Kale Phoenix (who is only a hologram.) however, his atoms are reformed and the Doctor finally gives him a proper funeral. However, in the series finale, when the universe resets, he is resurrected and joins the living once more.

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