Number Title By Enemy/Quick Summary
1 War Lord of the Sand Tennantfan The TARDIS lands in Egypt, as the Doctor wants to tie up some loose ends from the Dimension Tablet incident. But they get more than they bargained for when they find an alien war lord is ruling the country. And why doesn't the evidence of the war lord show up in present day Earth.
2 Deep Blue BlackGear The Doctor and co. find themselves in 2086, in the HMS Pegasus, a subterranean aquatic exploration ship deep in the bowels of the Antarctic Circle. The crew are searching for a heat signature down below that has been growing and could be a potential threat to the wildlife above by melting the ice or could possibly provide a new form of energy. What they find is far more distressing than they could ever perceive.
3 Mister Sandman Irockz707 15,000-20,000 years ago. The TARDIS lands in the ice age. A new companion, Amy, and two Time Lords-The Doctor and Romana-find themselves with one hour to survive. But they end up finding a pile of sand... or is it?
4 & 5 Strange Fruits

Succession of Witches
Bluesilver The Doctor 'accidentally' crashes the TARDIS into the rich history of the tropical planet Trabia, where he jumps into the fight for the natives freedom from the clutches of the very familiar colonist companies. Meanwhile, Amy and Rory explore the ancient ruins and tombs alongside a small group of Silurian colonists, where they discover that the colonists aren't the only evil at work. The Doctors battle leads him to challenge the ancient sorceresses, but their powers, they cant possibly be magic...
6 The Only Bad Monk Time Guardian Return of the Monk.
7 I Am... BlackGear A young boy somehow makes it inside the TARDIS as it flies through the Time Vortex. He has no idea who he is or how he got inside. He only remembers a location and point in time. They land there and see that several groups of people want the child for several reasons, some benign and some diabolical.
8 & 9 Rebirth of the Cybermen/ Hearts of Darkness The evil dude The Doctor faces two generations of Cybermen, who have forged an alliance to advance their kin into a new dawn. An intergalactic treasure hunt follows.
10 BlueDalek An ancient structure traps the Doctor and plans to end the universe.
11 Kudlak Lane Lewody1 Doctor who introdution to the Uvodni
sequal to warriors of the Kudlak
12 & 13 Paradox/Event 3 Tennantfan Series finale. End of the universe (no, I mean it), death of Karlel and Rose is given a normal life where she doesn't remember the Doctor.


1 Tennantfan The human network of sattelites/computer system, Technonet, has malfunctioned. It has used its control over certain machines to drop bombs on multiple countries, putting planet Earth in terror. But when the Doctor and Amy arrive, Technonet trembles in fear, despite being a machine. Why?
2+3 The New Doctors Time Guardian A mysterious force pulls the Doctor's 9th, 10th and 11th incarnations out of their time periods and into an arena where they face thir greatest enemies.
4 Slavery of the Daleks Lewody1 Intro to the heamlon and reintro to Daleks
The Doctor, Amy and Rory land on Lokolon where they find peace-loving race the Heamlon been put to slavery by the the Daleks
5 Time Lord Terror Irockz707 The world of the Time Lords clash, and the eleven Doctors meet...
6+7 Please name this TheAspieCommander The Doctor plans to go to see the planet venus in 1800 but finds a steampunk alternate human group is living there but are in th middle of a war between the vinvocci and zocci. The doctor finds a young vinvocci/zocci hybrid and has to choose with him which side to save, the humans or the warring species. Plus the doctor must find why the humans are here, only to find that the cybermen have created an alternate reality that the doctor must stop before his new companion gets destroyed by the alternating time streams.


The TARDIS lands on the planet Azmuthasia, where a mysterious cargo delivery is arriving. And people have been going missing at night. But who is taking the? And why is the young woman in the pink coat acting suspiciously?



  • Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
  • Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill
  • Romana
  • Ttewaydt (guest vinvocci for two-parter special)

Aliens and Enemies

Guest cast


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