Number Title By Enemy/Quick Summary
1 Serpentine The evil dude In the days of the Earth Empire, the most popular casino in the galaxy booms into business. When the wealthy human clients begin to disappear, the Doctor investigates by being one. In the process, he finds plots of treason within a bigger one, and that gears of war never stop turning...
2 Plastic World DarthJacko09 The Doctor arrives in the near future where technology has come to dominate almost all means of work and socialization, but in truth it is a movement ushered by a Nestene-commanded Super-Tech Unlimited Companies, led by the sinister Mr. Turnvill
3 the Graveyard Theory Tennantfan The TARDIS lands in the town of Ridgedon in 1923. The TARDIS crew soon learn of the Grave Haunters. Amy is turned into a ghost and the Doctor gets very mad.
4 & 5 The Day of the Doctor DarthJacko09 The Doctor
6 Terror of The Highland Jastennant4 The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to the highlands 1761,where they meet Jamie,Amy's great great great great great great great grandmother, and a horde of Werewolves.
7 The Seventh Bowl Time Guardian Re-introduction of the Master and the Monk. The Doctor arrives in the middle of a testing ground for an earthquake machine and discovers that someone is planing to use it to destroy the world.
8 & 9

Part 1: But A Thought

Part 2: Paradise Stolen

BlackGear Introduction of the Eternal Pantheon.
10 A Ring Around the Rosy Will94 The Doctor and Amy are called to Folton 3 by River Song to investigate the outbreak of a sentinent virus sweeping through the planet, infecting all it touches. The Doctor has to kill the virus before it is able to leave the planet's surface and spread through to other constallations. But there seems to be a higher power behind the virus.
11 Absolute Justice Time Guardian Introduction of the Red and Azure Guardians and re-intoduction of the White and Black Guardians. This episode is a clip show.
12 & 13

Part 1: Restoration of the Daleks

Part 2: A New Empire

Tennantfan The Doctor and Amy arrive on Earth, December 31st 1999. They soon discover the Daleks are planning an invasion. The Doctor and Amy must stop them before it's too late. But when the Doctor finds the mastermind behind the invasion, he realises the danger surrounding planet Earth.
14 The Three Masters BlackGear An anomoly within the Time Vortex, caused by an unknown outside force, brings three incarnations of the Master together. The Doctor and Co. must stop them before their plans damage time irrevocably
16 Infidel's Cross The evil dude The TARDIS is brought back to Varromin, where it has been razed to ashes by the fury of the Divine Meta. The Doctor is forced to fight the oncoming demons, as well as his own.
17 & 18 Hell Hath No Fury/ The End The evil dude The Doctor's entire life is coming undone, and the universe around him is crumbling to chaos! Before his final moments in the light, his legacy must survive to stop the Eternal Harbinger from descending everyone to darkness. But there is another hidden enemy on the horizon; the Valeyard plans to become the heroic Time Lord, the one to become lord and master over the dominion of time...

Enjoy the extended length series - Time Guardian 10:22, August 25, 2010 (UTC)



  • Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
  • River Song - Alex Kingston

Aliens and Enemies

  • Nestene Conciousness
  • The Master
  • The Monk
  • Divine Meta
  • Daleks
  • Azal
  • Vashta Nerada
  • The Hijek
  • Lee Harvey Oswald

Guest cast


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