Computor Chaos is the first episode in a series of Doctor Who:Travels Through Time cartoon mini-eps


Harold Davies is on his laptop when a green light envelopes him. His mother comes in... More people are put under the "spell" of the virus while the Doctor and Zeek have to defeat the Mothermind...


An alien entity called the Mothermind came to Earth 59 years ago and has grown into a large web of energy with the main body sitting in the middle.It can control electricity and took control of power cables in a small town in 2004. Her energy was based in a small laptop in a cottage at Smallstone Avenue. The laptop transformed the owner into a zombie. Shortly, the zombie showed the ability to shoot rays that convert people into more zombies. Soon the whole town was filled with drones. When the TARDIS lands,The Doctor has to rescue Zeek from some zombie scientists working for the Mothermind,who is wanting to create a D.N.A cannon to transform the whole world into her new kind. The sonic screwdriver tracks the source to a sewer far underground. They meet the Mothermind who knocks Zeek unconsciousness with a bolt of power.The Doctor sonics the Mothermind energy in Zeek's mutant brain and it sends out an energy time wave of DNA.It completes the Motherminds plan,and stops it in the future.Zeek wakes up and uses his wristputer to send out a virus that shrinks the Mothermind,and turning it into an invisible hologram.The Doctor reverts the zombification and they leave in the TARDIS.



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