"You all get that strange one where you wake up, bewildered beyond mesaure. Remembering they appeared normal then but not now. Can I just say I apologise - but it is my job."

Also known as:
  • Delirium
  • Mania
  • Insanity
  • Madness
  • Phantasos
  • Dionysus
  • The Great Mess
  • Fantasy
  • Hallucination
  • The Great Odd One
  • Madness Incarnate
  • Banana Tree
  • He Who Is Off The Trolley
Race: Dream
Home Planet: Dream World
Home Era: The dawn of life

DW: To Poison Sleep

Actor: Nicholas Hoult

Confusion is the Manifestation of all surreal and fantastical dreams. Every insane notion, every unrealistic idea or random thought is part of him. A mad mesh of colour, symbols and sounds. His very image is a strange thing to behold, so much so, he cannot be stared at for too long in person - without risk of losing your mind.



Although every Dream in the Dream World can shapeshift to become whatever they choose, Confusion can never stay as the one shape or can but mixes it up. He normally appears as a young man but there is always some part of it that will controt or be 'odd' about him. Possibly his skin becomes blue or his eyes appear like drawings. Confusion always carries this multicoloured aura around him and the edges of this glowing effect vibrate and warp, making him even less easy to look at.

Also, Confusion's voice tends to drop in pitch and then go strangely higher at random times when he is speaking. Sometimes, his very accent would change, depending on his mood.


Confusion is a good soul at heart, but his mind was lost before he even knew it was. A very symbol of the concept he commands, he is a scatter-brained, easily distracted, childish imp who can never string a sentence together without trailing off into a mad tangent and forgetting the point of the initial conversation. Confusion is how Confusion does. Only the insane could ever possibly talk to this Dream and not feel completely baffled or dumbfounded by either his rambling, his warped image or both.


  • "When I was a boy, my daddy sat me on his knee and he said: 'There's nothing like a campfire and a can o' beans'"
  • "I feel quite blue today. Or green, or orange, or furry or Monday - or 10 o'clock. What day is this?" [switches to posh English accent] "My good teapot, I'm late for the riviera, TALLY HO!"
  • ['singing'] "Ooooh I live in a shoe on Muir Street - I'm a prostitute!"
  • [talking to himself] "STOP TOUCHING ME!!!"
  • "Well shoot ma dog and paint me Lucy!"
  • [to the Doctor] "Tobias? Have I ever told you about the old country?"
  • "Cake or death?"


Confusion has the most enhanced creative powers of any Dream. The basic powers of near omnipotence in the Dream World are amplified when under Confusion's will. However, fitting in with his name, he has no control over what he builds or destroys - or just can't feel the need to as he will most likely find something else to do almost instantly. He is not feared by his power but enjoyed - as his colourful creations are never malicious or deadly unless he is in battle, thereby providing great entertainment for all Dreams. However, his power could still be a powerful weapon - even Dread is unnerved with the possibilities of what Confusion is capable of.


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