Series 1

The Terror Begins

Evil in Manhattan

Blackbeard the Alien

Night of the Werewolf

Shadows of the Flesh

The Alliance Reborn

The Demontide Codex

Return of the Angels

The Stone Games

The Entity Trap


The Twelfth Legion

Conrad's Last Stand

Series 2

The Darkness of Time

The End of Everything

The Terror Museum

Planet of the Dead

The Glorious Revolution

The Demons of Fun

Beware the Garden of Doom!

The Twist in Time

Rise of the Entity

The Darksmith Final


Day of the Astronaut


Series 3

The Destiny Complex

The Future of Worlds

Cybertron Rising

The Circus of Death




Death and the Judoon

The First Astronaut

Tide of Terror

The Shined War

The Creepers

Conrad Dies

Series 4

The Void Trap

Equator of Doom

Scared of Your Own Shadow


The Krillitane Invasion

Conrad and the Rocket Men

Revenge of the Cybermen

Doom of the Shined

The Darkness Chase

The Mind of Fear

Day of Armageddon

Bad Wolf

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Series 5

The Revenge of House

A Jubilee Adventure

X Prime

Return of the Sontarans

The Masters of Luxor

The Blue Eyed Monsters

An Expensive Holiday

The Battle of Time

Dark Matter

The Slitheen Stratagem

The X War Begins

Conrad and the Clones

X Prime Wins

Series 6

The X Clockwork

Hegiy Returns

Pirates of the Infinite World

The Death Games

Army of the Flesh

The Conrad Experiment

Revenge of the Red Emporer

Rise of the Daleks

The Investigators

The Vampire People

The Necropolis Element

Museum of the Gods

The Souls of Conrad

Series 7

The Seventh Hour

The Art Asylum

Tomb of the Zygons

The Deadly Planet

Rise of the Robots

The Revenge Operators


The World Jadara

Death's Last Stand

Into the Void

Dead Earth

Nightmares of the Nothing

The End

The Final Series

The Hidden Conrad

Return of the Doctor

The Jadara Search

Duel of the Fates

The Flesh Master Plan

The Final Battle

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