Cowboy's and Indians is one of thirteen episodes in series 6 of doctor who, it stars Ant and Dec as the Cowboy Brothers and Karen Gillan and Matt Smith with Arthur Darvill as The doctor and his companion, Amy Pond and her husband, Rory, It is the 4th story of the series and is the first of 5 parts of the 'World' saga.


Amy and Rory want to go home to Leadworth, But not Leadworth as they know it, Leadworth in the 1970's. there they meet Rory's two uncles, Dev and Sev Cowboy. who seem to like eating indians, there's one problem, Rory doesn't have any uncles, the World key is released from the brother's cellar...


Matt smith as The doctor

Karen gillan as Amy pond

Arthur darvill as Rory williams

Anthony Mcpartlin as Dev Cowboy

Declan Donnelly as Sev Cowboy

Sean Pertwee as Nesreen (continous)

Barbara Windsor as Michelle Williams (cameo)

Catheine Tate as Barbara Pond

Secrets and behind the scenes

In Her magesty's army of the skys Rory Mentions uncle Roy, who is also mentioned in this episode, it appears he hasn't been born in 1973, but he was 63 when he died, could this world be the parallell world?

Nesreen is going to be the saga's villian, taking a different form each episode, Sean Pertwee will reprise his role in 'sunrise, sunset'. set in Paris.

Barbara Windsor will make full-on appearance as Michelle Williams, Rory's Mum, in Part three of the saga

Catherine Tate will also reprise her role as Barbara Pond on the next 2 episodes, episode 3 will see her death.

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