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Cyber-Controller (Earth-12)
Other names: The Cyber-Controller
Actor: Michael Kilgarriff (1967-1985)
Peter Hawkins (1967)
Nicholas Briggs (2002; 2024)
James Corden (2011)
Alan Rickman (2022)

The Cyber-Controller directed lesser-ranking Cybermen and Cyber-Leaders from the Cyber-Tombs and, later from Cyber-Control



In 2006, the Seventh Doctor met the Cyber-Controller in its original form as the Cyber-Planner. (NA: Iceberg)

In the 25th century, the Second Doctor and his companions found the Cyber-Controller in the Cyber-Tombs. It immediately took charge of the Cybermen. Toberman, a partially cyber-converted human attacked the Controller just before the Doctor sealed off the Cyber-Tombs, freezing the Cybermen once more. (DW: The Tomb of the Cybermen)

Later on returning to Telos, though the Sixth Doctor believed the Controller had died, he met the Cyber-Controller again. A blast from a cyber-gun fired by the Doctor presumably killed him. (DW: Attack of the Cybermen)

. (DW: Victory of the Cybermen)

. (DW: The Tomb of the Doctor)

. (DW: The Lords of Time)

Ending up in the far future, the Cyber-Controller took his Cybermen back in time to the early 21st century to convert all the humans on Earth. He was killed by the Doctor who used the time vortex to turn him into dust. (DWM: The Flood)

Craig Owens

In 2011, a group of Cybermen almost converted Craig Owens into a Cyber-Controller, but he managed to fight them with "love" for his son that overloaded their emotional inhibitors and caused them to explode, saving himself from the complete process. (DW: Closing Time)

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