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Cyber City is episode one of the 'I-Doctor Who Tales '.


The 6th Doctor finds himself trapped in the Cybermen's layer! Will he be able to escape, or will he stay forever as a cyberman...?


episode 1

The TARDIS lands in an abandoned city. The Doctor gets out, and shouts to Peri. But before he can get out, the TARDIS dematerialises! When he looks around, he finds himself in a street. When he walks towards a corner, there's a noise of stomping! A person runs out, but a hand grabs him. He's been caught by cybermen! The doctor tries to pry the cybermen off, but he's just whacked back. There's one last resort. He pulls out the sonic screwdriver, and blasts it's noise at full power. The cybermen drop the man, who runs up to the Doctor! When the cybermen chase them, the sonic still shooting out noise at max volume. They run into an alleyway, cornered...

episode 2

The cybermen fall down with steam coming out of their heads. Peri is standing there with a ray gun. She claims she took a couple of trips into the future. The doctor shrugs, and pulls the man along. But when they get to the tardis, they find cybermen standing round it! When the doctor turns on the sonic, the cybermen run. The doctor tells his companions to stay there, throwing peri the screwdriver. he goes into the tardis and travels to the roof of the tallest building, where he finds a cyber-leader. It reveals that it was trapped in a building, frozen in time, until the doctor came and the TARDIS emitted waves, waking the Cyber-Leader up. It let loose all the other cybermen. It shoots at the doctor, who runs into the tardis and reverses the signal of it. He comes out and all the cybermen had just shut down! So the doctor goes down and gets his screwdriver back. The man says that he's called John Smith. The Doctor thinks it's just a coincidence, and flies the tardis away.


Some cybermen look like the parallel ones where others looked like the ones the 6th doctor faced, but it was confirmed they were the cybermen from the 11th doctor games "the adventure games".