Dalek Underground is a Common Series Project episode, exclusive to I-Doctor Who Tales. It is first of a two parter, the second episode being The Dalek's Demise.


When the 6th and 11th doctor meet up, They find out an old enemy is on their trail-the Daleks! Will they find help, or are they doomed forever?


  • Sixth Doctor
  • Eleventh Doctor
  • Naomi Long
  • The Daleks


Modern day Belfast-the City Hall. Naomi Long is cornered by Daleks. When she is almost exterminated, a Police Box appears behind her, a strange man coming out! The Daleks turn round, noticing the Eleventh Doctor. "EX-TE-RM-I--" starts one, before blowing up. A UNIT soldier with a rocket launcher comes out. The other ones soon fly out, some being blown up. Naomi thanks the Doctor, before looking inside the police box. The simple words "It's bigger on the inside" are repeated. The UNIT soldier goes into the TARDIS, right before turning into Omega! He teleports the Tardis before the two can go in, Holding Amy and Rory hostage. Then, it reappears and the 6th doctor is pushed out! The TARDIS disappears again, and the two doctors shake hands. "I'm the doctor." they both say, at the same time. The 11th doctor is smiling happily. "oooh, my 6th incarnation! Yknow--" he says, before the 6th doctor interrupts. "Only one way to prove it." he says, and they both start speaking together. "Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey!" they say, high fiving. Naomi just pulls their collars and drags them outside. There's a giant hole right beside the Queen Victoria monument! When the 11th doctor looks down the hole. He shouts "DALEK!", before having to roll away from a lazer. He uses the sonic to distract it from the other side, and jumps in. Naomi and the 6th doctor follow, soon finding themselves in the sewers. The 6th doctor smiles. "I seen the cybermen down here once!" he laughs, Naomi just staring curiously. The eleventh soon finds himself beside a cave in-trapped with the daleks...

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Dalek Underground  • The Dalek's Demise