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Dalek Warlord
Race: Modified Dalek
Home Planet: 'Skaro'
Home Era: time war
Appearances: Hell on Earth

The Dalek Warlords were daleks with a much modified casing to optimise them for killing,they fought during the time war with devastating results and were almost unstoppable,they were thought to have been sealed in the time war but in early january of 2010 two of them fell to earth near a unit base in the north of england.They apparently managed to fight against the force pulling them into the time war using emergency temporal shift at the correct moment to teleport themselves several weeks into the future,These events can be seen in the episode Hell on Earth.

Improvements to conventional Dalek design

The Warlords lacked the plunger like appendage and instead were fitted with two gun sticks,these weapons could be fired very rapidly and also functioned as sonic transmitters for hacking computers and locks.The casing itself was capable of transmisssions varying from communication scrambling to emp blasts,this transmitter also worked as a perception filter rendering the daleks invisible.Installed internally was an effective teleport mechanism that could be used for short transmats with a range of less than half a mile,another major new feature was a small metal hose that emerged from one of the bumps to release a cloud of nano robotic probes