"Earth belongs to the monsters and the madmen now":- The futre described in the opening

Dark Fate is a Torchwood spin off that ignorers the upcoming Miricle Day plot. Set in a dystopian futrue the year is 2017 and Earth is under the control of Jack's insane brother Grey. Torchwood is gone, Jack never returned and the only hope now is a band of desperate rebels led by a man who may be just as insane has the tyranical ruler of the planet.

Brief Synopsis

In the wake of the 456 attack earth lost its best defence against the dangers of the Rift and the rest of the universe. They were then ill prepared when an old enemy or Torchwood arose from its ashes.

Grey; the deranged brother of Jack Harkness having amased a powerfull army and weapons took over the Earth with a devistating biological attack that turned 60% of the population in to terrible monsters. The rest of humanity struggles to survive in this brutal new world while its mad ruler searches for his lost brother. In his efforts he resurects two old colluges of Jack. One; Toshiko Sato is reduced to a mad shell of her former self while the other Ianto Jones has become a beast that may be as dangerous has the ruler of the planet.

Escapeing confinment the two are eventualy aproached by a small but growing resistance against Grey. Initially wanting nothing to do with them, the pair eventualy find they have no choice but to join and undo the madness that now ruels Earth.


Earth Resistance

Aryn Daniels: The current leader of the rebellion. Cynical and hardened he is distrustfull of anyone new to the rebellion.

Toshiko Sato: Revived by Grey and totured for his amusement she is a shell of her former self. Her intalecct remains but she lacks the focus to use it productivly. She has become the disjointed mad scientist charecter.

Ianto Jones: Resurected after Toshiko. A combination of Nanogenes and residual 456 toxin radicly altered his personality making him more violent than his previous self. He is highly protective of Toshiko.

Silver Cooper: Gwen and Rhys's daughter who was taken into hideing shortly after her parents death.

Dewy: A "malfunctiong" Cyber mutant that Silver rescued from a crevice. With its link to the city destroyed it is docile and childlike and followes Silver aound like a pet.

Dark Army

Grey: The ruler of Earth who iscurrently searching for his brother intent on seeking his revenge.


Episode 1: When the World Ends After the Earth falls under the rulership of a madman two familiar faces from the past are dragged into this new terryfing world.

Episode 2: Ask a Monster for Help

The growing Earth resisitance reaches out to two potential allies, but can these broken people be trusted?

Episode 3: Rules

Ianto and the resistance leadership come to blows over how Grey's forces should be dealt with.
Episode 4: One Good Day An episode told from Toshiko's point of view and her knew perspective on the world.
Episode 5: Bad Dog When Silver finds a wounded Cyber the question is raised is it possible to rehabilitate Grey's mutant victims?.
Episode 6: Dont tell the Children Lies When Silver recieves a message from her supposedly dead mother she cant help but follow it to its souce. But is this a miricle or a deadly trap?
Episode 7: Lockdown When the rebel base goes into lockdown Aryn and Ianto find them selves alone and forced to confort the past they would keep buried.
Episode 8: Ramble A mutant strain of the Cyber virus is unleashed creating a new deadly creature that forces both sides to work together to defeat it.
Episode 9: Beacon A message from a down probe brings hope to the resistance. But can the message be recovered before Grey destroyes it.
Episode 10: Replay A homage to the lost and the history that made those of the present.
Episode 11: War Game Furious that his brother still hasent returned Grey sets a plan in motion that could spell doom for all.
Episode 12: Jepordy Its everything to play for has the resistance battles to shut down Grey's super weapon.
Episode 13: Checkmate It all comes down to a single choice but can the cause of this dark World even be trusted.

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