"Home Sweet Home" Fallon has a massive portal to the Dark Realm opens above Cardiff

Dark Realm is the home dimension or planet of the Dark Ones.


To a normal person the realm would appear pitch black with no disernable shape or detail. The very sight of this blackness can drive those with fragile minds to insanity.

The realm's true detail can only be seen by a Dark One or with special night vission goggles that can pick out the details.

To a Dark One the sky is a rust red colour and the landscape is similar to that of the Australian Outback with high mountains and forests of black petrified trees.

Water is scarce in the Dark Realm but this dose not hinder its natives due to their spesific diets. The realm is ritch in a unkown mineral nicknamed Shadowspecs by the natives. Liquid at room tempreture this silvery black metal can be found oseing from deposits in the mountain and the ground is vast quatities creting small lakes of the mineral. The mineral is discovered to drain the energy out of electrical euipment and if not properly redirected this leads to small explosions from the material.

Weather Paterns

Tempratures are normaly between 40 and 20 degrees with still air and no rain fall. Ever so often the realm is battered by intense storm like weather.

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