Darkness in Light was the pilot episode of the Doctor Who spin off Chronicles of Theta. It takes place on Gallifrey and it introduces a teenage version of the doctor called Theta Sigma (which was the doctors real name) and Koschei (later known as the master). In this episode Theta and Koschei must thwart a group of corrupt time lords from hacking into the time lord president's computer or they will use it to activate a deadly weapon that could cause chaos, but they also figure out that one of the corrupt time lords is in danger and they must save him.


Young Theta Sigma relaxes on the green sand of Gallifrey's coast Kalijantiouru. He gazes off into the sky and feels relaxed listening to the sound of the waves on the coast. But his peace and quiet is disturbed when he hears a loud KABOOOOM!!! It hurt his ears. "What the devil!" exclaimed Theta. He looked to see what had done that and he saw a TARDIS. But it wasn't an ordinary TARDIS. This TARDIS didn't look like a blue box it took the shape of a thousands of years old stone statue of Alexander the great. A door opened out of the statue and a young boy emerged from within. It startled him, at first he thought there must've been time lords who had betrayed Gallifrey and had come to invade but it wasn't. The young boy was fifteen the same age as him and he had long wavy brown hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in red robes like the kind of robes time lords wear. He realized it was his longtime friend Koschei whom he had known since a very young age. "Did that scare you?" asked Koschei. "Obviously!" exclaimed Theta. Koschei and him got along well but sometimes they tended to get on each other's nerves. Koschei could be a bit of a prankster, sometimes. "Ha ha ha sorry! I just came back from Alexander the great's time." said Koschei. "Is that how you got that TARDIS?" asked Theta. "Yes." answered Koschei. "So how's life?" asked Koschei. "Good." answered Theta. "Wanna go to the capital?" asked Koschei. "Yes. I've been here for too long." said Theta. So Theta and Koschei stepped into the TARDIS and they closed the door. Koschei pressed controls and pulled switches. The TARDIS dematerializes and it heads for the capital of Gallifrey. The TARDIS appears in an alley of the city of the capital of Gallifrey. Theta and Koschei step out of the TARDIS and they look around. "Yep we're in the capital alright." said Koschei. A tall thin old man appeared in the alley walking towards them. He had a long grey beard. It was Koschei's father, Barda. He looked furiously at Koschei. "You didn't steal that TARDIS did you?" asked Barda. "Well....ummm..." mumbled Koschei sounding nervous. more to be added

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