Following the events of Tea Time, Ace heals the Doctor's wounds with plasters. He then gives Ace a mobile phone as a gift. Afte showing her through it, she recevies a message from her friend Midge, who gives her spare tickets to a U2 concert. They immediatly set the TARDIS coordinates to the concert, but accidently land at a Rick Astley concert and get rick rolled. They reset the coordinates and land at the U2 concert. They go through the line slowly, not being allowed water, even though the Doctor is coughing. They finally get in, only to discover a Graske is messing up the concert. This is not their only worry, as the Doctor passes the cheetah virus onto the customers, and get surrouned by the Cheetah zombies. They discover the Graske has a cure to the virus, which he is delivering to his master, the Trickster, to cure a swarm of Time Beetles. He then teleports them to Griffoth, and trys to make a changeling out of the Doctor. However, using a special key, Ace teleports herself, the Doctor and the frozen monsters back to Earth, and snatches the cure off the Graske to cure the customers. However, there is none left for Ace. Later, back in the TARDIS, the Doctor shows Ace something

List of Characters

Seventh Doctor - Peter Webb

Ace - Peter Webb

Midge - Peter Webb

Rick Astley - Himself

Advertiser - Peter Webb

Graske - Peter Webb

U2 - Peter Webb/Themselves

Cheetah Zombies - Peter Webb

Changelings - Peter Webb

Internet Announcer - Peter Webb

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