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Doctor huh is an animated funny animal version of doctor who. It shows the first doctor as a lion, the second doctor as a jaguar, the third doctor as a duck, the fourth doctor as an squirrel, the fifth doctor as an anteater, the sixth doctor as a platypus, the seventh doctor as a meerkat, the eighth doctor as a fox, the ninth doctor as a monkey, and the tenth doctor as a moose. Rose Tyler is depicted as a tiger and shes called Rose Tiger. They tell about the doctors first eight incarnations but they just show the ninth doctor and the tenth doctor. Jack Harkness is depicted as a living and walking tree called Jack Barkness. The master (Derek Jacobi) will be a frog and the master (John Simm) will be depicted as an ant. Jackie Tyler is called Jackie Tiger in this and she is a white tiger. Pete Tyler is called Pete Tiger and he is a tiger. Micky Smith is depicted as a snake and hes called Micky Snake. Sarah Jane Smith is depicted as a snake called Sarah Jane Snake.

Series one

Doctor Huh series one came on Christmas 2007.

Series two

Doctor Huh series two came on Christmas 2008.

Series three

Series three will come on Christmas 2009.

cast for series one

Christopher Eccleston as the doctor

Billie Piper as Rose Tiger

John Barrowman as Jack Barkness

Camille Coduri as Jackie Tiger

Noel Clarke as Micky Snake

cast for series two

David Tennant as the doctor

Billie Piper as Rose Tiger

Camille Coduri as Jackie Tiger

Noel Clarke as Micky Snake

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