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Dr. Gillian Protheon was a scientist and part of the previous group of individuals that boarded the ship the Rippers now inhabit - codenamed: the Omen. As with her crew members, her current whereabouts and status are unknown. Only the tapes that she recorded documenting their journey and her research are left. Her research is the primary source of information the Rippers are using to find out who built the Omen and why.



Dr. Protheon's abilities seem to only be her high intellect but because she does nothing but speak in the tapes, it is unknown if she has any other abilities or skills.


Due to the degraded quality of the video files, her appearance seems very hazy and glitchy. What can be seen is that she has shoulder length white/grey hair and wears very loose clothing which over time, don't seem to look washed. This may be due to the limited resources her team had found and necessities were scarse.


From her tapes, Dr. Protheon is a humble woman who shows her advanced intellgence easily but tends to seem reserved and at times, depressed. As the tapes progress, her mannerisms go from fear and longing desire for information to nihilistic depression. The only thing that apparently kept her from going completely insane from the isolation was her tapes and research.


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