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Doctor Who: Hostage Of The Bunyip is a 2009 animated Doctor Who television serial. It features the alternative Eleventh Doctor (voiced by Alan Rickman) and a companion named Ellen Waters (voiced by Billie Piper). It was released in February 2009.


The alternative Eleventh Doctor arrives in Australia 2005 in his TARDIS.

The Fishermen say the mythological monster called the Bunyip exists and they saw it with their own eyes. They say it looked like a scaly, hairless, and green skinned tiger-like creature. They also say it was very big. But are the sightings true?

The Doctor meets Ellen Waters a 23-year-old marine biologist. The two of them investigate underwater. They go scuba diving. They go into a dark and scary underwater cave where they could breathe in. They see the Bunyip but he doesn't see them.

They spy on him and find out that he devours souls of lost children. They were gonna save the children but it was too late. They were gone.

Soon the Bunyip finds them. They swim as fast as they can but then they are swallowed by the Bunyip. But they wake up alive and okay inside the Bunyips stomach. It's dark in there. And slimy. So Ellen uses a lantern. The Bunyip feels sick after eating a tree so he barfs up the Doctor and Ellen a day and 5 hours later. Then they escape the Bunyip.

Ellen takes a picture of the Bunyip and shows it to other marine biologists and her friends and family. The Bunyip one day strikes again and it's up to the Doctor and Ellen to stop him!


Rating - PG

Release Date - February 16th, 2009