The Ultimate Specialty Dalek.

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A TV show about the 12th Doctor's dark days.

Season 1

1. It Begins

September 5th 2015 The Dalek's Capture the Doctor and create a new ultimate Dalek.
2. The Lone Traveller September 12th 2015 The Doctor finds himself abandoned on Earth after the Dalek's blew up the TARDIS.
3. The Smarloins September 19th 2015 The Doctor is hunted down by scavengers known as Smarloins.
4. Metal Heart September 26th 2015 The Earth is invaded by Cybermen and it's up to the doctor to stop it.

5. The Steel Invasion

October 3rd 2015 The Cybermen are gaining closer on the Doctor and the Earth is in great peril.
6. The Days of Past Times October 10th 2015 The Doctor is brung to mind all of his memories from his old TARDIS.
7. The Psycho October 17th 2015 The world is in peril when a masked man kills thousands and plays mind tricks on the Doctor.
8. TBA January 30th 2016 TBA
9. TBA Febuary 6th 2016 TBA
10. TBA Febuary 13th 2016 TBA
11. TBA Febuary 20th 2016 TBA
12. TBA Febuary 27th 2016 TBA
13. TBA March 5th 2016 TBA