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Right when it's damaged enough, there's Gravity Shifts...then boom! Pops out of existence and back in again, like nothing happen! It makes Time Lords look...never mind!
— The Doctor

The Dalek That Time Forgot...Alot is an episode in Doctor Who: The Wiki Series.


When the Doctor and Amy return to London, they find something strange. A friendly Dalek, wandering the streets of London. The Doctor and Amy follow it, only to see it being shot down by Cybermen. However, a few seconds after it dies, electric spews from it's body, lifts everything in to the air, drops it, and a new Dalek takes it's place. Afterwards are a string of life and death experiments on the Dalek that lead them to the source of the constant revivals-The Great Intelligence! The Doctor, Amy, and Zomby (nickname by Amy) battle (well, the Dalek just kind of wanders around) the Intelligence. They win, and learn the origin s of the Dalek from a notebook. As it turns out, the Dalek is a proto-type Time-Machine, made by the G.I. to destroy the Doctor. Also, it's revealed the Cybermen from before were also built by the G.I. as a test. The Doctor and Amy take it to a place were the little Time-Machine can live, a place called Hawaii. Whilst travelling into the Time Stream, they see a near-future, where the Dalek is living happily, but can't get under the Limbo Stick.

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