In 2014, Doctor Who was to be relaunched following the 50th Anniversary and 2013 Christmas Special. 10 episodes were broadcast from September - December, followed by a separate Christmas Special.

Each episode in the series was 60 minutes long.

Series 1 was to be Matt Smith's last as The Eleventh Doctor.

Episode 1 - Darkness of the Cybermen - The dawn of World War Three at a necular power station. Earth has lost power, on the brink of death. Cybermen roam. With power from the Universe drained, even the TARDIS, the Doctor crashes at this Necular Power Station and must put things right, fighting the Electra - an electric beast.

Episode 2 - Castle of the Zygons - In a medieval castle under lockdown, the Doctor and Ben find themselves threatened by two Viking tribes. Only one of them, are the shape-shifting Zygons, imploring revenge.

Episode 3 -

Episode 4 -

Episode 5 -

Episode 6 -

Episode 7 -

Episode 8 -

Episode 9 - Ben's Betrayal - Ben has disappeared from the TARDIS. The Doctor is on a desparate hunt to find him only to be confronted with his real own worst enemy - the Caretaker. The Doctor is challenged to choose the real life he lives, defeat the daring Daleks and decide which Universe is the real one. Because is the real life we live, what Earth should be?

Episode 10 - Dare of the Daleks - Humanity watches the Doctor perish. As the Doctor is reunited with Ben, the Doctor realises his time is over. As the Caretaker and the Daleks beg The Time Lords to give them permission to destory the Doctor, can a heartbreaking speech really stop them? As the Doctor self destructs the TARDIS with himself inside, can young Ben hold the key to who he, the Doctor and the Caretaker all really are - the same person - the same DNA - the Doctor. Surely, he can't be saved now?

2014 Christmas Special - Shadows in the Snow

The newly-regenerated Twelfth Doctor, baffled by Ben's reveal, travels to reach the victims of a distress signal in 2014, North Pole. Only how is a mysterious Time Window involves with the very same place in 2114 and why are the Yeti rampaging with a pack of not-so-human Wolves?

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