The Tenth Doctor is in the middle of his regeneration, but something unexpected happens. Ten, complete with a new companion who's a Time Lady, treks on through time and space with new adventures in the fifth series by SteelDeath.

Episode Guide

Episode Number Title Description
1 Unknown The Tenth Doctor is regenerating, but as he gets halfway through, it suddenly stops because of the jar of Gallifreyan water on board that can allow regeneration without changing the Time Lord. The TARDIS crashes in 2034 because of his fiery regeneration and the Doctor must find out what is killing people in town. On top of all this, the water containing his regeneration energy turns his new companion RaeLynn into a Time Lady. As the Doctor continues through all of these mysteries, he fails to notice that the jar shouldn't have been there because it exploded when Donna Noble had accidentally created the Metacrisis Tenth Doctor and turned herself into DoctorDonna.
2 The Cold Part 1 of 2. The Doctor and RaeLynn travel forward to 5108, where the human race is in danger. An alien species who live off of heat is harvesting the Sun, in turn dropping the Earth's temperatures. The two must figure out a way to stop them before they freeze the entire Earth.
3 The Heat Part 2 of 2. They've taken RaeLynn, leaving the Doctor alone to complete his mission, and since they figure if they can't take the Sun, might as make sure no one can enjoy it. It's a race against time to stop the aliens as they bring the Sun closer and closer, and make the temperature hotter and hotter.
4 Drought As a bit of TARDIS training, the Doctor lets RaeLynn take them to their next spot. They land on Cheem, long before the time of Jabe, where it rains five days a week. However, a month earlier, the drought started and most of the trees are dying. It's up to the Doctor and RaeLynn to figure out what's happening and stop it before it kills the planet.
5 Surface Reflections The two travel to the Mirror Planet, where something sinister lies in the reflections. As they delve deeper into the mystery of the mirrors, what's happening comes to light. The mirrors themselves are alive and can copy your reflection to take you. They need to figure out a way to stop the mirrors and to keep away so they aren't taken.
6 Where Shadows Lie  1 of 2. RaeLynn and the Doctor visit a planet very similar to Earth. The government is bringing in shipments of trees to plant, but what they don't realize is that the trees came with Vashta Nerada. The two have to find some way to save the townspeople before even worrying about getting the Vashta Nerada gone.

The Rise of Vashta Nerada

2 of 2. After RaeLynn and a few other helping hands get a second shadow, it's up to the Doctor to figure out some bargaining chip to get the Vashta Nerada to leave instead of claiming the planet and it's inhabitants as their feeding grounds.
8 Whispers After a mistake on the Doctor's part, the two accidentally end up in a camp full of tents - but where did everyone go? All the cars are there, no fresh footprints leading out of the camp and everyone's stuff is just lying in whatever way they were set down. The only thing left behind are their whispers...
9 The Silent Scream In the small town of Madolyn, someone dies every day. They seem perfectly fine, but their jaws are dislocated, permanently etching their face into that of a silent scream. The Doctor immediately finds signs that this shouldn't be happening, so he and RaeLynn check into a hotel to uncover what's going on.
10 Mystique After all their adventures, the Doctor decides to take a day off. RaeLynn recommends a fair and soon they're off to the largest fair in the universe where you can find the fortune telling machine 'Mystique'. It's said to give out prank fortunes that lists off a demise, but everyone who buys a fortune dies the way their fortune said. On the side, the Doctor is getting incredibly close to discovering the identity of who spared him from regenerating.
11 Isle of Fear Parad-Isle, the most famed luxury stay in the universe, is the Doctor and RaeLynn's next destination. The people staying however, happen to be the most over-excited guests you'd ever see. One odd thing after another piles up, and they discover that once you're there for a bit, you're never going to want to leave. 
12 Wilting Rose The Doctor's savior is revealed! The jar was returned by one Rose Tyler, but how did she end up back in her own universe and with Gallifreyan water in the first place? The Doctor and RaeLynn soon discover that Rose is being controlled. As this is revealed, whoever's holding power over her begins to rapidly age her. It's a race to discover who's behind it and reverse the effects on Rose before it's too late.
13 The Core of the Earth In the shocking finale to Series 5, the whole mastermind behind controlling Rose was none other than the Doctor himself. The one who killed the Time Lords. Ten doesn't remember doing this at all, the memories are blocked in his head and this darker side of him plans on expanding the destruction he's caused to more than just Gallifrey. When it comes down to it, can the Doctor defeat himself or has he reached the end of the line? 

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