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Doctor Who 2010 is an animated short set in an alternate universe were the 3rd doctor was much much younger.


3rd doctor-Matt Smith

Jo Grant-Katey Sagal

Brigadier-Billy West

The Master-Julian Barratt

Daleks-Nicholas Briggs (voice only)

Cyberman-Nicholas Briggs (uncredited)


In an alternate universe, The Master has teamed up with the daleks. Will the doctor and his assistants be able to defeat him?


2010. The TARDIS appears on Downing Street. But it's deserted. The doctor shouts "DUCK!" and they do. The Daleks are attacking! They run back into the TARDIS and start it up. Lazers are blasting the TARDIS, then credits roll. The TARDIS then lands on a desolate planet...

The Master is typing at a control panel, when suddenly his machine breaks down! When he turns around, he smiles and quotes the doctor from when he left Susan. The Doctor gets angry and battles him, successfully. They leave in the TARDIS and the Master looks up. A cyberman saying "Join me, and all your desires will be rewarded..." is heard and the words "TO BE CONTINUED IN COMMON SERIES" pop up, followed by the credits.


  • This Doctor reappears in the common series 3, which caused a lot of trouble, because Matt Smith plays the doctor. It was resolved as a "Dr-Lite" episode to save money on special effects-However, the eleventh doctor DOES meet the alternative third doctor for one minute
  • The master returns in the common series 3, under orders from the cybermen.
  • When the TARDIS dissapears, you can see the inside. It was revealed on the confidential that it was an alternative TARDIS, so it materialised and dematerialised in a different way.
  • The Daleks are said to shut down once the machine is broke, yet some are still seen wondering.