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The Tardis materialize in a Hawaii-like Island:

Alice:It's beautifull.....

Alfie:Where are we,Doctor?

Doctor:Planet Castela.Island of Gloob.

Alice:But this looks so earth-ish...

Doctor:There are thousands of posibilities for an planet.Earth-like,spaceship-like,robotic-like.There are many.

Alfie:So...what are we doing here?

Doctor:Whatever we want.I said to take a vacantion.

Alice:Well,we deserve it.

Doctor:So go to the sea,climb up in a tree...Whatever you want.

There are some flashforward activities which they did:Volley,Climbing,swimming,etc.Now it's night:

Alice:Are you finished Doctor?*shouting*


Alfie:Let's go!!

Alice:Wow...the tent is looking great!!

Doctor:Let's sleep then!

Next morning:


Doctor:Good Morning.

Alfie:I am going to the beach.


On the beach:

Alfie hears a sound:

Alfie:Huh?Who's there?

An old human-like man jumps out of the branches:

Old Man:Alfie!

Alfie:Yes?How do you know my name?

Old Man:My name is Shalek.

Alfie:Okay then.But I asked where do you know my name from?

Shalek:Time had caught me up!!The Doctor is with you,isn't he?

Alfie:ooh!You're a friend of his?

Shalek:Somewhat.Bring me to him!

Alfie:Oh alright!He's in the tent with Alice.Follow me!

At the tent:

Doctor:Alfie,who's that man?


Alice: Um...

Doctor:Who are you?

Alfie:He asked to talk with you.

Doctor:Okay then.What do you wanted to talk with me about?

Shalek:I must make sure the timeline will be staying the same.

Doctor:Excuse me?What timeline?And where do you know me from?

Alfie:You don't know him?

Doctor:No.I never seen this guy in my life.

Alfie:But he said he's a friend of yours.

Shalek:I am!But the timeline didn't caught you up yet.It only caught me.

Doctor:What exactly are you talking about?

Shalek:Come with me.All of you!

On the other side of the island:

Alice:What is that machine?

Doctor:It looks like a teleporter....

Shalek:Doctor,look at the ticket on it!

The Doctor picks up the ticket,on which it writes:"For The Doctor,From the Doctor":


Alice:You wrote that?

Alfie:How are we sure it's not someone pretending to be him?

Doctor:No.That's my writing.I wrote my future.

Shalek:I was told to put you inside the machine.

Doctor:Where will it take me?


Doctor: !?!?!?!? that word from????

Shalek:Just go inside,Doctor!

He steps in the machine.Shalek presses a button,and The Doctor vanishes:

Alfie and Alice:DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!

Alfie:Where is he?Where did you send him???

In the same place,but different:

A young man approaches the Doctor:

Young Man:Who are you?What are you doing on our territory?

Doctor:I am the Doctor.And you are?

Young Man:My name is Shalek!


To be continued in Part 2.

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